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I heard on the news recently that the NHS in Devon and Cornwall has sanctioned sex-change operations, because apparently people who decide they want to change gender will require access to mental health services if they cant have the operation they want. I've had to wait so long for treatment for spinal and hip problems (I need 2 new ones and I'm only 46 and just been told I may have to wait up to 5 years, I'm considering taking out a loan to finance private surgery on one hip). I'm literally fuming about this, does anyone think this is the best use of NHS resources?

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  • Trans gender identity problems are very real for those who suffer from them.. and better our NHS deals than denying these people a chance of a peaceful life without risking dangerous surgery abroad. the reason you have to wait for replacement hip operations is almost certainly to do with your age and not resources; replacement hip joints have a 'shelf life' of 25 yrs or so, which means you might need a further replacement at the age of 70 or so. Getting angry will not improve your health or well being.. and neither will picking on people with mental health problems

  • Am not picking on them, but transgender patients have a choice, others do not, and I would also like a peaceful ( pain-free) life

  • people with trans gender identity crises DO NOT have a choice.. they are born like that

  • I was born with hip displasia and some days I can hardly walk

  • Sorry to hear that, my neice had this as a baby but luckily her treatment worked and she does not have any problems although she is only 24. Good luck with pushing your dr . Do you think a local MP would be able to help, just a suggestion.

  • Having watched.documentaries on transgender problems I too am not against this and wold rather people have.treatment here than go abroad. I would imagine that.even if.these.operations are.carried.out it will be a long slow.process of assessment before any operation. The NHS is I agree bursting at the seams, but if you push.for.an operation now you need to convince your.doctor on how debilitating it is.to.your.quality of.life. try writing a letter if you.find it difficuly to speak to them.

  • Writing a letter? I have already made a formal complaint, and as for one the replies above, hip replacement surgery has made huge advances and is much more effective and lasting than it used to be, my surgeon is well aware of the afffect that this has had on my life and is constrained by resources, I wonder what his views on budget priorities are

  • I heard only last week, a lady who wanted the same, has had her breasts removed and now she regrets having it done!

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