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I have had CFS for nearly ten years.

A question I want to ask is

I was under a lot of stress last year,more then usual from around April till middle of September as we was moving to a bungalow and had two cancer scares but we didn’t move and thank god the scares was cysts by October I thought things would of settled down as no stress but I then felt a lot worse, panic attacks, feeling down then up,buzzing in my head think it’s like ringing in your ears but it’s in my head, also my vision it’s like everything I see is not real it’s hard to explain it’s like looking through glass or 3D effects again I can’t explain.all the stress I had early last year went by October so why now and from there do I feel like this? anyone know?

Thanks Julie

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any kind of stress can make all your symptoms flare up . if your visual problems have not been fully investigated I would suggest you see you optician as soon as possible. im not sure of the exact term but the visual symptoms you describe sound like a detached retina but damage to the cornea and other things can also cause those symptoms.

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Yes that’s true enough and so much stress to move, and everything that goes with it and that not move and the two scares which came a few weeks after not moving hasn’t helped.

I went to the hospital as have dry eyes was referred by the doctor and the consultent gave me eye drops said dey eyes nothing can do and last time was September a month before this started.

I will make appointment at the opticians as due an appointment, this week if I can or next week.

How I am looking at things is really strange and that’s how I can try and describe it but since October only.

What other things could it be if you have any idea?

The buzzing in my head came same time as the vision like a switch been switched on, one minute I felt ok and next all this.

Thank you will let you know what’s said.

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ALKT in reply to Jan87

I have heard that people with pots or orthostatic intolerance both very common with m e report the buzzing sensation in the head as a symptom . if your finding it difficult to stand for more than five minutes then it is probable that these symptoms are a response to the difficulties of the past year unfortunately life gets in the way of our best attempts at pacing and managing this awful disease . you could find information on all things m e related on the phoenix rising site or the science for me site . both site have busy active communities and are good for advice and emotional support.

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I have heard about POTS I haven’t been checked for that or orthostatic intolerance but I can stand for more then five minutes and don’t get dizzy I do very occasionally go dizzy as have in the past had vertigo.

Yes I did think that it could be from last year but I thought once the stress had gone I would be ok but instead it’s got worse.

Thank you I will look at those sites.

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