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ME or not


Last june, i developed hypertension, was put on amalodipine and rampril. I had a set of bloods done to which found my tsh levels were bad. i was diagnosed with hasimoto hypothyroidism. Within a few days,i developed a severe ear infection and was admitted into hospital for 9 days, where pseudomonus was growing in my ear canals. This led to drs thinking i had meningitis. Another blood check was done and my cortisol levels were rock bottom. I am now under an endocrinologist with hypopituriatism, although the initial cause has not yet been identified, possibly a transient reaction to the infection affecting my pituitary gland?? Currently on 5mg and 5mg hydrocortisone, with injection kit for possible adrenal crisis. Since all this, i get out of breath easily, my sleep is terrible, after getting up, i can and have gone back to bed for a few hours. Even when i get up, i feel totally exhausted, no will power of enthusiasm to do or get involved in anything. Im being investigated for OSA as i wake up several times, heart racing,, wife is a senior sister in royal london ITU to which she thinks i have OSA, ive had the over night test, but awaiting results. All current conditions and lack of sleep is causing depression to which i am no on sertraline. I have reflux which im on omeprazole and have been for over 20 years.

Any ideas, as its getting me really down, work is trying to help, but im now having to drop my hours down, so i do alternate days so that i can rest inbetween.

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Hi Peterah, I'm sorry to hear all that you've gone through. The title of your message is the only place you mention ME - with all you've experienced in the last year l guess you're actually wondering if you're now experiencing symptoms of ME.

You speak of your Hashi's diagnosis, TSH levels etc along with your symptoms.... if you haven't already done so can l suggest that you take your query to ThyroidUK/HealthUnlocked and ask for advice there too? There are so many members with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience who may be able to give advice.

For the thyroid to work efficiently all co-factors need to be "optimal" within their range, not just somewhere within the range. Post your results , but it's so important to include the relevant ranges too. If you don't already have them then ask your GP's reception for a print out. Some make a small charge, others provide free.

As an ME person who now has a thyroid issue I've learned so much since l joined them. And one important fact is that GP's (nowadays) can only tell us what they've been taught.

Hopefully between these two sites you'll benefit from others experience.


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