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Advice needed

Hello guys. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I work for the NHS as a healthcare assistant which i really enjoy. But sadly for the last month my ME has got really bad again. I have regular vitamin B12 injections and these help. I think the reason it has got bad is working nights and not getting much sleep the next day.

Are there any other suffers who have the same problem?

I have asked to come of nights. But are still waiting to hear a rely.

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Hello Broomy,

I have a working diagnosis of M.E and have previously worked as an Elderly Care Assistant, so I have some idea of the challenges you may face.

There is an article on the M.E Support website you may find useful;


From experience, it can be hard for those of us who work within the Caring profession to accept our own limitations and/or put ourselves first.

I would say that these two things are the biggest barriers to successfully balancing M.E with the demands of your job.

If you have any further questions, I would be happy to try and answer them for you (though I can only speak from my own experience).

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Thank you for that very interesting reading. I have now had an appointment at Occupational Health at work. And although the Doctors seemed sympathetic I feel that I have bang my head against the wall. He has only advised that after night's I should have 48hrs rest.

Or perhaps rethink my career as I may not be able to cope with the job soon.

I am a pretty positive person and have always said that I will beat it, it's not going to beat me. But when you ask for help you are told just be thankful it's not cancer.

This is what they call caring at its best.


I need a sleep before I go travel to my mums otherwise I end up lost!!!lol,trains buses I endup miles away lol


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