My healing Experience!!

Hello everyone.

I would like to share my experience of feeling better so far with the help of my lovely nutritionist. I have suffered from CFS for 3 years diagnosed and probably 5 with no diagnosis. Thankfully I have managed to hold down a full time nursing job, although I wonder how when I feel it was the job that got me here!!! I have obviously had time off with sickness but overall I have done pretty well.

I felt I was having another relapse last year and I was put in touch with a nutritionist who had also suffered from CFS. She recommended I get a Infrared Sauna and use it twice a day to help with brain fog. She also recommended I give up all stimulants i.e. caffeine, sugar and alcohol ( I have a very sweet tooth and love a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night). This was going to be the tough one. I had already turned Vegan because I had felt unwell for so long I was trying all sorts of things to try and find out what was wrong with me. I had omitted wheat from my diet but felt no better. During this time of research I discovered how harmful meat and dairy can be so I cut them out.

So, last year I started my twice daily saunas, stopped drinking alcohol. Gave up sugar and caffeine. I still started my day with a decaf coffee so that I didn't feel I was missing so much. The nutritionist also encouraged me to drink loads of water. A large glass when I woke up, another after the sauna and preferably another before I left for work. We need to have more water than the average person because our adrenal system doesn't work so well. I have a Vitamin D3 supplement (4000iu) and Multi-Guard ADR supplements as well.

I cannot tell you what a difference it has made. Well, I am trying! The brain fog has lifted most of the time. I still forget words and get muddled but not the brain fog like before. I had my mum over to stay and didn't manage my two saunas a day, by the end of the week the brain fog was back. If I feel a slump in energy before 10 am it is likely because I haven't drunk enough. Difficult in the job I am doing now as I'm now working in the Community. However, I do know where most of the decent toilets are now.

I recognise that this may seem very extreme with the diet. However, I didn't even think about it. I wanted to get better. Please don't get me wrong, this is not an overnight cure. And I am not completely healed. However, I am also trying not to give any energy to my condition. What we give out is what we get back. If someone asks how I am I say "I'm great, thank you for asking". It doesn't matter if my throat is sore and I have mouth ulcers. That is the reply. I will fake it until I make it!!

I am occasionally having a drink. Occasionally having sugar and occasionally having caffeine. I rest when I need to and still don't make arrangements to do more than one thing a week socially so I have my rest time. This regime has made such a massive difference to my life I just wanted to share it with you all so you could maybe feel a little better too.

Love and light.


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  • Caroline, it was really good to read your post today. I have had a really bad day and was feeling like there is no end or change in my future. However just reading your post makes me feel I can do it and reminded me to do it one day at a time.

    I am going to try updating my water intake to see if it helps the brain fog.

    Thank you Julia

  • I'm glad it helped. Julia if you can afford to I really recommend the sauna. It massively helps with the brain fog. Be positive. It will take time but we will all get there. Xx

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