my never ending struggle

22 years ago I was diagnosed with a very bad case of guillane barre syndrome I was totally paralysed for a long time,I was on a ventilator via a tracheoctomy,I had to learn how to walk ,use my hands and how to breathe on my own again.I also had to come to terms with post traumatic stress disorder,I had actually died five times because I could not breathe.I spent a long time in itu and then in a ward before ending up in a rehabilitation hospital.my former employer the dss actually refused my benefits,I won that battle,there is not enough space to list all my ongoing problems,but I think I have chronic fatigue syndrome,which is extremely worrying.well that's me for now,sorry about my spelling,GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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Hi Tobby, sorry to hear of all your problems. What is it that has led you to think you might have ME/CFS? Have you discussed it with your doctor? Many illnesses have fatigue as a symptom and you say you have other health problems so I think the only way to understand what's going on is to talk to your GP. Unfortunately there is no treatment for ME itself. It is a case of keeping the symptoms under control and learning how to pace yourself to do what you can without making yourself worse.

Good luck x


thank you so much for responding,I am in the process of seeing a neurologist ,who has admitted that he is at a loss as to what is going on with my body.they did find that I had 3 large blood clots in my left leg


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