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protein ?


Looking for some advice please - I'm trying to reduce my protein intake, I've been reading the labels etc and am trying plant veg. wherever I can, my question is : Stage 2 CKD how much protein is too much protein ? For instance if it is recommended 50gr per day for a healthy person - should I try and half my intake to 25 or less ?

Also, phosphorous intake is very important to us CKD's has anyone ever wondered like me, it is not shown on labels the same as protein and salt ? just wondering !


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HI BarneyYou should really see a dietician that can look at your eating habits and lab work. You need to have someone calculate your dietary needs based on you weight and height and your activity level. All those things matter in how much and of what you should be eating.

Phosphorous in only a concern if you have elevated phosphorous and at Stage 2, I would be surprised. That usually is a problem in later stages like 4 and 5. You have to learn to find resources that will give you the calculations for phosphorous but it is not as easy as other ingredients.

Thank you for your prompt reply, I have had only had one telephone appt. with my GP and that was to inform me of my diagnosis, and when I asked 'what's next ?' she said they would run another set of blood tests in a years time-which to me seems a long time . So I am avidly looking on line to get answers. Thanks again.

HI again, It is not unusual for a doctor to do nothing at Stage 2 because unless there is a medical reason such as a tumor, stones or other underlying disease there is not much to do. How old are you? As we age, out kidney function declines naturally. Stage 2 is 60 to 90.

It's difficult with phosphates because almost all food have them. Four main categories that have high phosphates are; dairy (especially cheese), meat, cocoa (chocolate, coffee) and nuts. If you love cheese like me, Feta cheese has low phosphates. If it gets too high doctor will prescribe you phosphate binders which will take phosphates out of your system.

thanks for that, I've cut out cheese, for the protein content, didn't realise it had phosphorous, so I've learnt something new.... just out of interest have you tried Feta plant cheese, it tastes exactly the same, just about a £1. dearer . Thankyou

No I haven't tried plant feta cheese.

Tried the plant cheese, didn't like it! I'm at Stage 3a, GFR is 50, was down at 40 when I started trying to eat differently. I eat plant protein on one day and either fish or chicken on the next day, making sure the quantity is less than 35g. I alternate like this all the time and practice intermittent fasting, only eating between 12 noon and 8pm. I drink a reasonable amount of water, (urine is a light straw colour) and exercise every morning. I also have blood samples taken every 3 months - my Doctor is OK with that.

I tried Veggie Cheese. It has less phosphorus and liked it. Little more expensive.

Hi! I also am trying to educate myself as at stage 3 my GP doesn’t think I can help myself much either. In 3 months I’ve already proved her wrong. I can highly recommend Lee Hull’s book “ Stopping Kidney Disease “. He’s written another shorter book with recipes in as well. Both available on Amazon and shipping is very quick ( well it was in Nov) . I’ve raised my eGFR from 51 to 57 , 3 months of plant based diet ( mostly) and daily walk for an hour or two. Keep in touch.

Thankyou, it seems to be the book everyone on here is reading and recommending, will look on Amazon.....

RickHow in reply to SkiingSailor

I'm sure it is good news to go from 51 to 57. Watching the diet is surely beneficial. My particular kidney specialist tells me that I should "watch" my protein intake but there is no great need to do much except keep it at or below the daily recommended allowances for my gender and age. She recommends just doing the same for all things such as phosphorous, potassium, etc. I find the simply act of walking each day also improved my egfr. Mine bounces 5 or 6 points either way blood test to blood test. The point I'm making is, do whatever makes you satisfied. CKD is not a one size fits all as far as slowing progression, if any progression, etc., etc.

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