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ADVICE NEED PLEASE!!!!! I am on PD dialysy since May 2020 and for about a week now I can not get any sleep at night. Please help what to do


CANT SLEEP AT NIGHT AT ALL!!! Advice need please.

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I know what it's like not to sleep at all and you simply cannot function whatsoever. Anxiety induced or whatever, you need to sleep. Please- I am no doctor- but this helped me. If you can get over the issue & sleep on your on- great!- but if not---If you can take a low dose sedative type medication that won't effect your treatment, check w/your Dr. - Ativan- generic Lorazepam 0.5mg smallest dose possible to start will help you sleep. Take 1 before bed.

They don't like to give out ANYTHING anymore, but I find when we are having severe anxiety from medical issues, or illness, we need to sleep! I am trying to get something myself for severe chronic anxiety for a few months now, racing heart nightly- impossible to sleep, up all night, of course they want you to talk w/a "Behavior Specialist" for psycho trtmt- but if we need real medication for awhile to help us we need to insist- which I'm currently trying to do! Good Luck- please let us know how you make out, and maybe your Dr. can give you that or recommend something similar....

Hello Sunglobe! I don’t want to sound like such a mom, but I was once on Lorazepam years ago for anxiety issues and I have so many regrets now because of it. I almost became an addict back then, as well as it having impacted my heart and respiratory system to this day.

Believe me, I understand not being able to sleep, but I would still suggest more natural remedies such as chamomile tea, melatonin, and increasing your daily exercise routine to help burn up some of that excess energy, and so forth, before resorting to habit-forming prescription sedatives like that.

Lorazepam (Ativan), even in smaller doses, will become ineffective at some point early on, causing you to continually require more of it in order to achieve the same degree of calm and relief from sleeplessness. A better remedy for encouraging restful sleep would be to lower your caffeine intake (coffee, tea, dark sodas, etc.); increase your daily activity level (nothing overly strenuous - just plain walking or jogging, outdoors, if possible); perhaps drinking a cup or two of chamomile tea throughout the day, which helps to relax your nerves, and even taking some melatonin before bed if needed.

Always speak to your doctor first about any changes you make to your regular routine. Perhaps she / he can even make some other helpful suggestions. But always do try to avoid prescription sedatives to the best of your ability. Trust me, they can impact your health in a very negative and irreversible way. I’m living proof of that. If I could go back in time, I would certainly do things differently.

Do take good care of yourself. I hope you find this helpful in some way. All my best to you! Bye for now! 😊👍🙏✌️

Hi Sammi_n_Munk

I completely understand, you are correct, Ativan and the rest are highly addictive. I though it might help in their extreme situation, but as you say may make things worse! I have used it for a short time only which helped with sleep, and as you say usually the small dose needs to become larger to have an effect.

I'm looking for something also, & always hope for a non-addictive sleep aid, I just might try your suggestions and hope for relief. Thank you....

Yes. I hope you will find those options helpful as well. I completely understand the frustration of sleep deprivation. Lol! This is probably not a good thing but, I always end up snacking at night because I get so anxious when sleep just won’t come. Please do keep me posted as to how everything works out for you. Take care! 😊👍👍✌️

Please try CBD OIL, that helps me to sleep all night. I also bought 5-HTP vegan tablet for sleeping and last night I was able to sleep from 11pm to 9am :)

Please try this as its works for me..

have a look online the benefits and you can buy in Holland and Barrets.

Good luck

Hey there Vizespeti! Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will try that. I always prefer natural remedies for these types of things like sleep issues and such. I’m glad that it helped you too! I appreciate your advice! Thanks again! Many blessings. 😊👍🙏✌️

Darlenia in reply to Vizespeti

GABA works well, too, in inducing sleep and as well as reducing restless legs common in PD. It may also have a beneficial, not negative, effect on kidney husband still retains a little kidney function even though he is on PD.

Vizespeti in reply to Darlenia

What is Gaba?

Darlenia in reply to Vizespeti

Oh! Gaba is a type of neurotransmitter known as gamma-aminobutyric acid and is available as a supplement - we order it from Amazon. Some use it to reduce anxiety, promote sleep, etc. Others use it to relax muscles and so on. My husband, on dialysis, occasionally uses it to sleep better and calm his restless legs as it's non addictive. Apparently, as we age, we can be a bit deficient in this area. I've read it doesn't harm kidneys but suggest you check with your medical team if you might have an interest in using it.