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Free light chain assay


Has anyone got free light chain assay for blood done?Are values of Kappa and Lambda slightly higher for CKD patients

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I Googled this so you can also to find out your answers..... I was a bit overwhelmed with all the info.

Where is it?

Where is information which you have googled?

I am keen to have look at that.

I have also done lot of research but not of any particular use

I meant to say you can Google it yourself...

I have already done that.

I just got lots of information on this topic.Not really on my specific query about whether kidney patients have higher values.

How high is acceptable?

For example on ratio of kappa to Lambda high end value is 1.65.

Ratio in my case comes to 1.67

I have not had this blood test nor heard of it. Here is link to information from NIH . Quite technical. . Something to discuss with your Nephrologist. Please keep us informed.

Hello vinadhun2. I became a little curious about this “light chain assay” that everyone was talking about, so I did just a little research on it. Gotta tell you though, it is pretty involved stuff! I’ve copied the Wikipedia link below if you wish to review it. If I understood things correctly (and it’s quite possible that I didn’t - Lol!), it’s some type of serum protein test. I hope you find the information you’re looking for. Good luck! Let us know! Bye for now. 😊👍

for information of all:

In my case as Nephro could not find any reason for CKD, since all parameters are normal. he wanted to rule out possibility of Myloma cancer or Monoclonal gammopathy. These diseases could affect kidneys.Luckily the tests came negative.

So I am back to square one: no specific reason for my high creatinine level. Finally Nephro said it is just agining issue

Well, I am glad to hear that the tests for Myeloma and Monoclonal Gammopathy were returned negative. That is good news. Unfortunately though, aging does play a role in the decline of kidney function. This is the case for many people, sometimes even for those without any other existing health issues such as diabetes and / or high blood pressure.

I know that it can be frustrating, sad, and a little scary as well, when you’re going through such changes with your health. Remember we are all here for you to support you whenever you need to vent. Lol! Please know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. God bless. 🙏😊👍

Link to article by Center for Disease Control on aging and CKD. I am 78 and aging may play a part.