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Can stage 4 ckd be reversed? Has labs today and it’s at 31 labs 2 weeks ave it was at 28

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More detail is required. Is this stage 4 CKD, or is it stage 4 cancer caused by kidney. For example I am stage 3 CKD, but Stage 4 cancer dude to cancer which started in my kidney and has spread to my bones. Mine (cancer) can not be cured and my time is limited. Now stage 4 CKD it is highly unlikely it can be reversed, except again, what is causing it. For example if the cause is perhaps a tumor on a kidney, causing the stage 4 ckd, then the tumor or kidney could (should) be removed and then most likely the stage of CKD would be improved, but obviously not perfect.

Hi Rickhow,

I wish you all the best and a miracle. Please keep posting because you are helping others.

Thanks so much. I plan to post as long as I can.

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Look up a group on Facebook called natural kidney journey. They are helping improve kidney numbers and with amazing results with their protocol. Following the protocol is helping with more than kidney disease.

Hi Civin,

Yes and no to your question. It really is not reversing kidney function. It is putting less stress on the filtration function of the kidney that improves the numbers. You can and there are many here who have done that by changing their diets and lifestyles and improved their numbers from one stage to another. BUT.... if there are cases where what ever the cause of the lowering number of kidney function (GFR) cannot be improved. So considered yourself lucky and keep up the good work.

No, CKD cannot be reversed. Once damage has been done to your kidneys there is no reversing it. Remember both your eGFR and creatinine can bounce around some due to stress, exercise and your hydration. You should also be having this conversation with your nephrologist.

Hi WyoAnne,

That's not true. Depending on the cause of CKD, it can be reversed. For example, if you are diagnosed at stage 3 and the cause is stones,removing the stones often improves the function. If CKD is due to high blood pressure, controlling the BP can improve GFR and function. Same with Diabetes, you can improve the function with controlled diabetes. Sometimes is is just changing up a medication. There are too many stories out there and on this forum of people reversing and slowing progress down by changing up diet and lifestyles. Now, before I get flamed, I said reversed, not cured. it is totally possible to go from stage 4 to 3 and 3 to 2 and even 5 to 4 is possible. That's reversing.

Before you attack me...civin76 was asking if it could be "reversed." No it can't be reversed. YES, it can be stabilized with diet as you well know. But if he is at Stage 4, the damage has been done.

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Thank you for the info and clarifying. I was also wondering if the new meds was masking it?

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What medication were you on?

Mr_Kidney can explain the diet he is on that has stabilized his numbers. If you haven't already done so, you need to get a renal dietician that can personalize a diet for you to follow. Make sure you take your labs when you visit.

HI Wyoanne

I am certainly not attacking you.... but it isn't just me who says you can reverse CKD.....

“The kidney actually ranks very highly in its ability to repair itself,” said Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Chief of the Renal Division at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and head of the HSCI Kidney Disease Program"

"There are some forms of acute kidney injury and glomerulonephritis that can be reversed and kidney function can return to near normal but not usually normal"

" However, acute kidney failure may be reversible. If you're otherwise in good health, you may recover normal or nearly normal kidney function"

Mr. Kidney is a prime example of someone who reversed his CKD to an higher stage. I am only pushing this point because I want people who are newly diagnosed to see that in many cases, there is hope.

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