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ACR/Total Cholesterol Tests


I am heading to the Lab tomorrow to have my ACR and Total Cholesterol tests, so to determine whether to refer to the nephrologist.

Two weeks ago, I had my blood work and urine done:

- 0.3 g/L Proteinuria

- no blood leak, or casts

- Serum creatinine: 83

- eGFR = 106

- electrolytes all normal.

My family physician wants to do ACR next; if it turns out abnormal, then I will be referred to a nephrologist for further tests.

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Let me know the outcome. Positive thinking!


SamuelChin in reply to Bet117

Yeah. If my ACR is going through the roof, like above 30, then my kidney is indeed underwater. My blood pressure is still on the normal range, with occasional highs.

Do you mean serum creatinine of .83 mg/dl? an eGFR of 106 is really good. I think somewhere I am missing your measurement units.

Bet117 in reply to Jonquiljo

Agreed. Appears that your kidneys are functioning well.

Let your doctor check the cholesterol. Have your thyroid checked as well.

Waiting to hear! 🙏

I agree with Jonquiljo and Bet117. Your numbers seem great! Is there something else that has you concerned?

SamuelChin in reply to lowraind

Protein leak.

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