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New to VKD diagnosed today


Hi I went to the GPS today and they told me I have CKD stage 3 .Should I be seeing a renal doctor? What does this mean for me .

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Yes you should . This means that your kidneys are not working properly as they should . The kidneys are not filtering blood out of toxins with the efficiency that is needed for your body . Therefore the body will accumulate toxins inside and you need the doctor to prescribe some medicines for your health and to avoid the progression of the CKD further . I am already Stage 3 as well .

Hi there, it depends on which country you are in. If you are in the U.K. You probably won't see a renal specialist unless you get to stage 4 (depending on the cause of your CKD), and you many never get to stage 4. CKD is managed by GPs at stage 3, you'll just get an annual blood test to monitor it. I wouldn't advocate medication for CKD at this stage unless it's medication to manage something that's causing your CKD, like high blood pressure. I have unexplained CKD and don't take any medication (in fact I avoid medication as a lot of drugs cause kidney problems like NSAIDs), and manage my condition with diet as do a lot people who are on this site. With diet alone I've managed to improve my GFR. My advice would be avoid salt, fizzy drinks and processed foods. Reduce dairy and red meat intake. Moderate alcohol and don't smoke. Drink plenty of water. Eat whole natural foods (think Mediterranean diet), exercise and relax and don't worry. That's the best medicine for CKD.

I agree with Julesboz. I was diagnosed at stage 3, and as I am in the USA, I was sent to a nephrologist. Only things he told me were to stop taking Celebrex, take blood pressure every day, and watch my salt intake. On my own, I educated myself regarding what I should eat. I watch intake of sodium, potassium, phosphorous and protein. I drink more than I used to, and exercise moderately. My GFR has gone up and my Creatinine has gone down, despite a 2nd nephrologist telling me that I did not need to watch my intake of s, p, p & p.

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Do you have high BP or is the doctor just being cautious telling you to monitor it every day?

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I have a history of high blood pressure.

Julesbox has responded perfectly to your question. Avoid salty amd processed foods, drink water, take gentle exercise and your ckd may be well managed. Good luck.


I was diagnosed at stage 3, am in the UK and was seen then by a renal consultant.

This helped as I was able to see a dietician and he also sorted out my blood pressure tablets.....

Do make sure your gp refers you.

Best of luck


look up the Davita diet, cut potassium, magnesium, sodium, lots of water, cut pop, alcohol, smoking. It there is a kidney doc in your area, I would make apt. My kidney was damaged most likely by a sizeable stone....had no idea, a few symptoms.

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