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CKD and recurring mouth ulcers?

Has anyone had a problem with canker sores? I keep getting them. I have two on the inside of my cheeks now. Last week on my tongue. I keep getting them so I just googled and see there may be a connection.

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Whilst I used to experience regular, painful mouth ulcers they were in the pre-CKD years, not since.

If you don’t already eat it, a daily small pot of organic ‘live’ yogurt can help due to the probiotics it contains.

Also, avoid toothpastes containing Triclosan and SLS - known trbiggers.

You probably already know to avoid wine, chocolate and acid foods - they can all contribute if you are ulcer-prone.

Are you taking any medication that has mouth ulcers listed as a possible side effect? For instance, Steroid-sparing drugs can cause this side effect and sufferers are then prescribed folic acid to offset this problem. Look up foods containing folic acid which might help.

Hope something above might help - a very uncomfortable condition which back-in-the-day my father used to call gumboils!


I used to get sores in my mouth when i drank orange juice regularly and havent had any since i stopped ... not that thats the cause of your problem tho.


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