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my creatinine increased 1.6 suddenly!

hello guys. I am only 24. I have no blood pressure & diabetis. but I face a problem pain before urination in right side. so I did creatinine test and urine test. creatinine 1.6 & albumin: trace came in report. after 10 days I do the creatinine again and it is now 1.2. In this days I just avoid red meat and daal. so is it any sign of ckd? I don't understand what happend? please give me some suggestion.

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Hi, have you had any tests beside blood work? You mentioned pain? I am not saying this is it, but I recently dealt with a kidney stone that had dropped down low , had lower spasms and pain was unreal. But all you can take is Tylenol. If other pain, it could be urinary tract infection. Both of those can alter bloodwork numbers. My suggestion, only take Tylenol for pain, have other testing done. My testing started with an ultra sound that showed my kidney was swollen and I had a trace of blood in urine...which couldn’t be seen by naked eye. Also drink lots of water. Great luck!! My numbers have been off awhile, my kidney doctor thinks the stone had been in kidneys wreaking havoc.

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