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I have Parkinsons and i also suffer with Dystonia

Hi I have had PD for 11years just finished work now because of ill health. I started with Dystonia three years ago, it started in my toes on my right foot but then started in my left foot a year later. The year after it was in my right ankle it turns outwould and down would's its very pianfull as you will know. how i deal with it my husband rubes my calf muscal upwards, and also heat helps alot. I have a pair of pedicure heated boots they work a treat. And in September i had Botox in my left leg in four places i have'nt had an ankle attack so far.

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Hi and welcome to our small band!

I've been looking at Parkinson's lately because little written about dystonia (I live with blepharospasm) and I am trying to see what I can do to help ease things for myself if at all possible. There has been some success with using movement to ease the Parkinson symptoms. I've been exploring using the school rebounder room (a room with a trampoline built into the floor) and am finding that doing 5 minutes of gentle bouncing before I start my teaching day is helping.... I am a bit light headed after for about 30 seconds (not sure why!) and my eyes are more settled for a hour or 2.

Maybe some kind of exercise my help you take the edge off things but I would not know where to begin with suggesting what may be a good exercise to try.

All the best



Hi Ali Only heat or my husband rubes my muscles

at the back of my leg upwardes that relives mine.

Bye for now: Niecy64


Hi, My husband has dystonia in his leg. He uses a FIR wrap (with rechargeable batteries). These wraps are brilliant as they keep the muscles warm for hours. We bought ours from an online pharmacy, as Amazon (for the same wraps), were twice as expensive.


Hi yes the warm really helps, ive got some pedicure hot boots they woork on my feet.


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