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Help to get a job?

I have been out of work for 12 years, after failing University, found out I am dyslexic at the end of last year. I went to my GP who said he could not help me, as dyslexia is an educational difficulty not a medial one. Went to my Jobcentre who said I need to be claiming benefits to get any help from them. I don't claim any benefits, I have borrowed a lot of money, hence I am in a lot of debt, because I thought I could get a job and pay the money back. I don't want to claim any benefits as I can work. I have a law degree (2.2) I failed the Legal Practice Course (just the one exam subject but it will cost £10,000 to do the course again). Now that I know I am dyslexic after my assessment last year I can get support from the University/College if I can do the course again, as my assessment states I need extra time, etc. I volunteered as an adviser for Citizens Advice Bureau for some years, and I am doing volunteer work at a Law for 8 months. But I really need a job.

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Please go back to the jobcentre,claim benefit. I know it is degrading but they can help you and lets face it the money would come in useful. Who knows you may even find a job.

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Don't pin all your hopes on the university giving you special help, i e with extra time .I did two degrees and both times I was marked with out the examiners having any knowledge that I was dyslexic, both for finals and assignments.

Sorry, but you do need to be aware it can and does happen.

I hope you find employment very soon.

Good advice given , go back to the employment centre .no shame in needing money and it may well be a stepping stone to help you gain employment.

Best of luck.



The university usually has an extenuating circumstances from that can give grant and bursaries to retake exams etc.

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go/phone to the uni and talk to the dyslexic people their and tell them what you would like to happen, as above.


I am in the same boat. I went to the University of Huddersfield I had a dyslexic test It came back inconclusive and they refused to see me again and wouldn't help me with my course, which doing I earnt a 2:2 in Multimedia ICT (a Mickie Mouse degree/Worthless). Since leaving in 2010 I am been unable to find work.


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