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me and dyslaxia

hi my name is jon im 18 and live in the uk i like a lot of sport and crative things im unemployed and looking for work. i am dyslaxic and find it hard to understand things like questions and advance maths and not a good speller or good with my speech witch makes it hard to get a job.i all so have osd with my house being tidy and find it hard to go out my house. im a very active person but at the same time laid back. i do mma and play in a 5aside football team and love playing rugby. i wanted to be a pe teacher but i was not good at the writen work. i got an astar in the physical side but only an e in the writen work so or together i think i got an e. i am determined to succed in mma because in mma my crative side comes in to play i use so many diffrerent moves from all sorts of martial arts like from the jumping spinning wheel kick from tae kwon do/wing chun or the flying armbar/trangle from jiu jitsu.at school i dont think i learned a lot from the writen side and was told that as well but mma i all most laern things in one go and my coach saw this and has being teaching me more advance moves/techniques.before i ever went to mma i use to think having dyslaxia made me dumb thought i could never do any thing so to be honest im quite happy to be dyslaxic just means i learn in different ways and see the world different to others.

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Hi John,

Its so refreshing to hear someone say that they are quite happy to be dyslexic. So for that last comment, well done! I have only recently started to research dyslexia due to me recently being demoted at work because of my dyslexia.

During my research I have been amazed at the amount dyslexia is focused on children, which is fantastic, but what about young people and adults?

I too, am terrible at Maths, and agree with you whole heartily that dyslexic's learn in creative ways and that is what makes us, us. What I was trying to say is that in September I signed up for Maths GCSE (the government has provided GCSE Maths and English course's for free, if you didn't pass at school.) I still get nervous at the thought of maths, but I make sure I'm surrounded by good people that want to help.

I'm on this forum quite a lot and if you need to ask a question or advice. I'm here.

With your can do attitude you'll go far, dyslexia shouldn't stop you from shinning.



I have just joined here, i have just found out i have dyslexia, am 34 year, I have been to college and uni, but really struggled and was no good in school, was told by teachers i wouldnt be going to uni, but i had proven them wrong, it was very difficult to say the lease, especially when other student found things easy and i like you jon, struggled in speech, i did many research and highlighter notes and said them out loud, to myself at home, when noone was round, it might sound crazy but when i said things out loud i remember them,

when it comes to written work, i spends weeks on essays and just pass by few points and that hurt especially when i hear other student spend few days and get a very good grade

what i struggle on is what i have written made sense to me!

fortunately there are support out their, you will get extra time and resources to help you, get assess by the EP and they will recommend what is best for you

I struggled on the spot questions, especially in interview, i have learned after many jobs interview to based the questions on what i have done or simply and that way many things pop in my head and was able to answer the questions

after many years of struggling and to be told i am dyslexia has put my mind at ease knowing i can and will be able to do things quicker, and knowing i am not nub was very please to hear that i have learning difficulties


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