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Did you know?

Some of you have mentioned the difficulty of HealthUnlocked not having spell check, especially when writing those long blogs of yours. I just want to mention (if you don't know this already) that many new internet browsers these days have built-in spell check. For example, I use (and LOVE) Google Chrome as my web browser. Since I've started using it I haven't had to worry about spelling mistakes any longer :)

Just a helpful tip! So have no fear, and happy blogging.

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I agree with Lora, I love Chrome. I personally use Ginger as well though - it's not 100% perfect all the time but with some common sense, the suggestions really help me! gingersoftware.com/


"common sense" when a item or subject is known by more than one to be common., so for a dyslexic its only "common sense" when they have in fact been able to understand what the item is, what words to use and what the words mean. just becuase most of us can spell, or even somewhat spell, we as a human race seem to forget that we still have many words to learn and we are a multi culture world.


However, the spell checkers are not perfect, not by a long shot. a lot of them miss basic words that even as a dyslexic at 33 i know its incorrect but cant figure whats wrong, yetwhen it comes up with some words that it "think" it should be, the basic english words simply are not there.

SPELL CHECK isnt always right. chrome, firefox, youtube, yahoo email you name it, they have all got faults of this nature


of course, nothing is perfect. but I think it has a lot more to offer than no spell check at all!


absolutley correct, without spell check, i certainly wouldnt be able to even remotely spell as it is


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