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My Fellow Dyslexics. UNTIE!

My Fellow Dyslexics. UNTIE!

It is a JOKE....for those of you are didn't get it...it is a play on word... U-N-I-T-E....and me being dyslexic...U-N-T-I-E.... anyway...

Well, I'm in the US..you may have heard of it.... well they knew something wasn't "right" with me by my second year of schooling. They didn't know what. This was way back in the 1960's. Well ended up getting held back a year. Yes that did hurt. Specially when the kids form my class saw me the class across the hall and had to let everyone know I had to do the year over. Yes children can and are cruel.

Well, eventually I got tested and my parents were told: A. he has this thing we are calling Dyslexia...and B. he is 8 years old and has the mind of a 13 year old. Sadly, the 13 year old wanted his mind back.... (this is an attempt at humor...for those of you who are unaware of "humor" please Google it...

Well, eventually I got into reading comic books. It helped a lot. Then got into reading Science Fiction. Just finding something I was interested in got me reading. And then, I took typing. Unbeknownst to me, and it seems others, that also helped.

One summer between my 6 and 7th year of school, my parents sent me to summer school. It was one teach, me and another student. We just went over basic math. And I mean we went over basic math. Interesting thing, my math teacher the year before noticed that some things I just took too without any problem. Then there were other things I just couldn't get.

Well, with the intense teaching, I got my basic math skills up to date. Here in the States I am part of what is called the Baby Boom Generation. Mind you, the tail end of it. These are the children born to those who served during WWII. Here in the States, they came home and procreated like rabbits.

Well, this caused the schools to get over crowded here. It was not uncommon for me to be in a class with sometimes upwards to almost 45 to 47-48 kids. Now consider the teacher having to teach this many kids. They sadly got spread too thin. Children like me just fell through the cracks.

Fortunately, the schools here are not like that anymore. Well, I never got that kind of intense teaching when it came to English. I can't spell to save myself. Let alone have correct grammar. I think it is spelled "grammer" here in the states...

Oh, by the way I'd also like to thank England and their writers likes A.C.Clark who I was a big fan of. Sadly, I ended up points taken away from my written work because I started to spell certain words like "color" here "COLOUR", and "favor", "FAVOUR" because I read too much of such writers work.

Well, only one professor in college didn't ding me on that and he was my British History professor...or rather I think you all call them "Dons?" He'd also spent a lot of time in the UK doing research.


Well I got into college. And I tell you that first year was a big learning experience. BUT having Dyslexia, I had learned to keep going. And I did. Now it did take me a bit longer but I did receive my degree in History with a minor in Business.

So, it can be done.


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Oh, by the way..thank God for Spell Check...the person who came up with that ought to get the Nobel Peace Prize...


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