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trait s????

at parents evening lastnight my daughters teacher said she felt my 9 and a half year old has dyslexic traits. she can read and write ok-spelling not fab and is also a little behind in maths. she day dream s alot in class then is said to have little idea about what she is supposed to be doing when returning to her desk. what could this all mean -i am confused. the school do not test and the day dreaming was aslo noted by last years teacher

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Hi Moss. Please give your nearest DA centre a call - they will be happy to chat further with you about your concerns.


The good news is the earlier the signs are spotted, the earlier you can put in place strategies to help her cope. Good Luck.


Hi Moss it's really good to see that the school has picked up on it. In terms of traits I'm not an expert but I was diagnosed a little bit younger than your daughter is now, I'm 29 now, and one of the major things they spotted with my dyslexia was my concentration (thumb twiddling) and forgetfulness and the fact that I struggled to understand some instructions. Unfortunately this never goes away and I still have days where quite simple things just don't make sense however, if you can get specialist support your daughter will be able to learn some really easy coping strategies. I think I saw an interview with Richard Branson once where he said he always has a note book with him as his memory is so bad! I hope that has helped in some small way!


Hi, I wasnt diagnosed as dyslexic till I was 50 (54 now) tho Id always suspected things weren't quite right. I read, write and spell well enough to get by, tho I read quite slowly becoz the writing jumps around or I read total rubbish becoz my brain picks out a word or phrase from here and one from there, put it together and it makes rubbish. So I have to go back and read it slowly. It was only when I did an adult learning course, I found out I could be tested and I AM dyslexic. I learned that my clumsiness and lack of co ordination and balance is to do with dyslexia, tho I suspect I could be dysprxic as well, but I dont know how to go about getting tested. I have never been able to do a jig saw or ride a bike and I dont understand written instructions, I have to be shown how to do something. So its good that your daughters school have noticed even tho they wont test her. Good luck with that.xx


you say your words jump around on the page? Google "Irlen's syndrome" it can be a part of dyslexia. It is where bright lights and bright white paper etc can cause problems. Filters are used to help or even special lenses for glasses. My son has this along with severe dyslexia. You may find a centre near you but there is on in northampton


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