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Adult Dyslexia and Public Speaking

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I'm looking for advice for my husband - he is dyslexic, although didn't seem to get much help at school apart from extra time in exams.

As an adult, he struggles with public speaking as he finds it hard to get his thoughts out in an understandable order - he can see things in his head but can't get them out clearly! It also effects him socially as he struggles to make himself understood.

It also effects him at work as he finds it hard to communicate with colleagues/managers clearly.

Has anyone got any advice on overcoming this, or know of any courses/specialists that could help? From researching a bit, it seems that most resources are focused on children, but there are adults around that need help too as they didn't get it earlier in life!

Look forward to some advice. Thanks in advance!

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This is a problem. I had similar problem all my life but only at the age of 65 this was identified.

1. Have to write down what needs to be said at the speech, he has to start few weeks before the speech date!, from the first version of the speech to the final version can take many versions!. One you are happy with it, write down the pointers, practice the speech alone in front of a mirror. This can be difficult but can be achieved.

2. When I started on IT training I did not no I was dyslexic. Because of my knowledge I could deliver training without my training notes and I got into trouble. One experienced trainer knew that all the other trainers were just reading what was in the training notes, but I built the training on the board as I went along and then this method became a norm.

3. I could solve a lot of difficult problems, but explaining what I did was a big problem for me but I survived!!!!

4. Other people looks at me and thing what is wrong with him!, I use to mix many words and say things back to front not knowing it.

5." Communicate with colleagues/managers clearly", this was a problem, I used to take a morning call 0800 hours every day in my work, I had to explain all what happened the day before, I used to write it read it few times, as time went on I got over it.

6 There is computer software that reads what you are typing to make you understand the words, I use to write below as bellow, people were laughing behind my back.

7. We were talking about all my problems yesterday at home, all the difficult time I had.

Now I am retired the problem is till there shopping (not buying the correct item, because of not reading just picking the item) banking, driving and getting confused at times, I do write a list but con only manage three action items in one go to avoid mistakes. Still have a lot of problems with words and numbers.

When the time cam for father of the bride speech, it took a long time to get the speech prepared, practiced it many times, after the speech, some one came to me and asked how did I learn to write a speed like that!!, all the others were reading it from A4 notes.

May be you can get a book " How to live with a dyslexic" person and help your husband."

AS I am from Asian background, our culture is different, most of the time the word stupid is used, I have accepted this word now.

For adults there is adult testing centre where you can buy computer software. It may be best to go through adult testing privately and buy gold software for word document "text converted to speech".

Good luck. Please let me know how you get on.

When I was growing up I could not say it is raining I always said it is training!!

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Hi has he accessed support from across to work this a government department that helps disabled people stay in work by offering work bases assessments and advising on reasonable adjustments. When I had my assessment part of the recommendations was coping strategies training which really helped me learn tips to deal with the things I struggle with. All the recommendations are around info for adults I found it really helpful.


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