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Mental barriers to finishing important tasks

I am having to do a financial statement for my father who is in a care home. I have done this several times in the past, and this task has become impossible for me. Dyslexia makes this kind of thing very difficult anyway, but the sheer amount of times I have done this now and the fear about getting it wrong has now, stopped me in my tracks and I have a huge mental block in the way of doing this task. Does anybody else get barriers in the way of important tasks? Can anyone give me tips to get around these mental obstacles?

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Many people have similar difficulties, especially with things that are very important. The one piece of advice I can give is to encourage you to ask for help. When faced with a task that has to be done acurately it's always best to sit down with someone else, to calmly and carefully work together. That will decrease the stress immediately and you'll be able to work more acurately. Go the library and ask for advice tell them you need help with filling in a finacial form. They will have contacts, eg a maths teacher, or a volunteer, social services etc. Getting good at asking for help is a very important coping stratergy for life even if you're not dyslexic! Be open and honest and people will be happy to help.

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