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My Son he 7

Hi all my son has dyslexia.But also has .Some behaviour issues.He very hyper.When he good he a angel but when he bad he terrible.Dont no if he ha anything else wrong with him

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Hello, has your son's dyslexia been properly assessed and is he getting the right kind of support for it? Behaviour issues are often a symptom of other problems such as bullying or 'shame' or fear that he can't do the work. Have you spoken with the SENCO? Make sure they have the right support set up especially in class and for homework support. He needs accommodations. He should have an Individual Education Plan too. This may be called something else in your school. It's written document that outlines your son's difficulties and has clear targets that all teachers should be working towards achieving. My son benefited from a wobble cushion in class - but this has to be weighed up against the fact that some kids in the class may find that a reason to bully him. Go back to your SENCO and tell her you want him properly assessed and that you need to know what measures are in place to support him in writing.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.


Yes he is dyslexic.I went speak savers he using overlays .But now he being tested for ceileact disease


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