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I am 46 and was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 24. However, last year was also disnosed with ADHD. I think this creates further difficulties wirh my ability to process information , to organise any thing and makes me procrastinate as I feel overwhelmed. I am having a break from work during June as attending studying once a week. My job does allow me to utilise my interpersonal and problem solving skills but requires me to do much writing up too. I have tried dragon yet again but it doesn't always write what I say and by the time I have realised that, I am unable to remember what the heck I was trying to write. The mistakes can at time be quite amusing though.

Any ideas would be great fully received. Many thanks

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I woild suggest if you haven't done so already contacting acsses to work for a work based disability assessment this will give you an idea of adjustments that can be made to make things better for you

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Thanks for that. I have been assessed and received software and software training. However, I think I might require some human support. HAs anyone achieved this through Access to Work? Thanks


Are you taking any medication for the ADHD? if not , I'd definitely recommend you do, especially if you are studying. I have the ADHD/dyslexia combination too and the medication for ADHD has completely changed my life. I completely understand what you are going through and how frustrating it is. I also find that omega 3 with high EPA and DHA helps with concentration, also regular exercise and eating healthy. Try mindfulness meditation, (very boring but useful) with ADHD we are susceptible to anxiety, the mindfulness helps greatly. It's all about finding coping strategies, you'll get there . Best of luck to you


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