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Does it grow out or stay

Can u grow out of it or will u have it for ur life

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No you don't grow out of dyslexia but with the right kind of attitude towards it and with specialist help, dyslexic people learn to live very happy and fulfilled lives. Many high achieving people have dyslexia. It's about accepting it and learning as much as you can about yourself - focus on your strengths, trust yourself and follow your heart. Understand your weaknesses and learn strategies to cope with them. This isn't a very scientific answer but it helps me to understand that if you make the right choices, life with dyslexia doesn't have to be hard. Hope this helps.


I agree with Giosang. I think the point is to grow INTO it. There are aspects of dyslexia to embrace such as a different way of looking at things. Society and our communities need that perspective and what we can bring as dyslexics. Like everyone, we have to learn how to use our strengths and, with help, look beyond the difficulties. Find what works for you. Keep reaching out. Good luck and best wishes.


I have a friend who went to a tutor as a kid. He taught her to read and proclaimed her dyslexia "cured." No, you can't cure it. You don't grow out of it. However you do learn how to work around it and with luck how to exploit the strengths it gives you. One gift is dyslexics have a mind geared for problem solving. Here are some people who used their dyslexic gifts to succeed:

Me, I'm a writer. I have a vivid imagination that others marvel at and most dyslexics would find pretty average. No two dyslexics are alike so you probably have abilities that would blow me away. Find your gifts.

There is no cure for dyslexia--thank God! I would not want to be cured. The advantages outweigh the difficulties.


You don't grow out of it. But I've learnt coping strategies. Once you accept your brain works differently, you can use it to your advantage. I'm a senior manager, dsylexia hasn't hindered me.


Check this out - it's a great site for kids about dyslexia! It's fun and informative. dyslexiaville.com/


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