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Need help to get my daughter tested as school don't do it

Hi I'm dyslexia my self my dad my grandad, my brother and my nephew is as well i think my daughter is as she has all the signs but the school do not test for it how do i get out side help for her to be tested please thank you

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Did you ask to speak to the senco teacher? I had my son tested twice at school for dyslexia the test it came back saying he didn’t have it, don’t let them kid you that they don’t do it because they have to you could ask the board of governors to find out why if they say no again. But to tell you the truth there text are rubbish my son is dyslexic and dyslexic so they wasted 2years of his education saying no he’s not he is just lazy and quiet. His dad and myself had to save up the money to pay for him to be tested but it was worth the money because the report will go with him to all his schools and he will get extra help and time etc.

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The school will test for it if they are forced to. Firstly go to the SENCO and tell him/her your family background. I would bet that your daughter is just like you - dyslexic. If they say no go to the school office and ask for the name of the governor who is in charge of special needs and get in touch with that person. Wait and see what happens then. If they don't do the screening test for what ever reason, then get back in touch and I can give you more advice about what to do next. Keep a written record of every request you make and every email or phone call or meeting. Insist that the school responds to everything in writing. Tell them you need to have a written record of what help the school is offering and how the school is helping her in case you need to take things further. If they say they do not test children then ask them to put that in writing. If they refuse to so, then let me know ASAP because I can advise you on what to do next. If you don't keep a written record, the school could deny that you have ever asked for an assessment or help. This is an important step -everything in writing! Also, they should not make you wait months. The screening tests are simple and can be done in an about an hour by the SENCO, so it's not a big deal and they should do it ASAP. Please get back to us. Good luck.


Iv spoken to the serco woman and they said they dont do it in the school if i want her tested i have to do it else wear on my own


Well try the British Dyslexic Association they test for children and adults but is privately so will have to pay for it


How do i go about getting in contact with them please

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I can send u the page for the information


The first thing you need to do is get the SENCO to write you a letter telling you that the school does not do tests, and also advising you what you should do next. It is their job to take some responsibility for your child in the mean time. Also, they should write down what extra help they are going to give your child taking into account your family background of dyslexia. You could write something like this:


I would like you to confirm in writing that the school cannot test my daughter for dyslexia.

Could you advise me what to do next.

Could you please also tell me what help you can give my daughter in the meantime, knowing that with her family background her difficulties are likely to be associated with dyslexia.

I need this in writing so that I can keep a detailed record of everything that is being done to help my daughter.

Thank you for your help.

You must put the date on the letter and keep a photocopy of it. If the school does not answer or gives you a spoken answer you should send it again with the new date on it and keep a new copy of the second letter. If they do reply in writing then keep the letter and let me know what it says.

You can also talk to the governor of the school who is responsible for special needs and ask if there is something the school can do. The school office can let you know who that governor is and how to contact them. Again, do everything in writing. Don't worry about your own writing maybe having mistakes. They will understand everything you say. Also, your own dyslexia is one reason to strongly suspect that dyslexia is the root of your daughter's difficulties so it does no harm if that is clear from your writing.

It may be that because of government cuts they really don't have money to help and you may have to get a private assessment from an educational psychologist. They are expensive but essential in the long run because no school can ignore what it says.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

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