Dyslexia Action

Hull Dyslexia Action.

In addition would I recommend dyslexia action, well not in hull. A poor approach of working with parents and their child. Damn right rude without empathy. Lincoln is your best bet. Hull has lost its way, must have paid twenty thousand pounds to dyslexia action over the years in tuition.

On reflection I wish I had gone for private education.

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I am sorry to hear about hull dyslexia action, the teacher's that work with my daughter has been very good but that is the teacher's and the office staff approachable and helpful I would recommend the teachers . but their are big changes happening with dyslexia action in hull not for the better for the learners with dyslexia. changes which is going to happen does not help their disability you asked me why I know I am dyslexic myself it's hard to find a teacher to work with adult or children with dyslexia they need to trust and understand and not feel stupid the trust is built up overtime and you see progression working with the children each week . but with the changes the teachers are changing and you don't know if you are going to get the same teacher each week . I am not happy about this I am leaving dyslexia action, and found some teachers who are qualified to teach some one with dyslexia so at this time I do not recommend dyslexia action in hull but if you need help finding a good teachers let me know I can tell you where to go I hope this helps some one out there trying to make a decision where to go.

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Well sorry to see your issues on health unlocked as I had my test about month ago for dylesixa (results to be sent soon) as I find them helpful and understanding as hopefully they can/will help, to improve your situation.


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