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Morning...can I just say


There are so many posts and Im a bit lost, so can I just say if you've answered something I've said or if I should reply to something you've said and I haven't because I've missed it, can I just say sorry now.

Somehow I dont always get emails about when you have replied, or they are delayed, so I have a little hunt through the last posts and realise I have missed something. Only now it's starting to feel like a full time job as there are a lot of posts and active people (which is nice).

So please would you accept my apology if I've missed anything and seem not to reply it isn't intentional.

Now I have to go out today so may I wish you all a wonderful day, full of sunshine and joy, or just a day of ease.

Im sure someone will say something like I don't need to apologise but you've all been so kind to me and I think you should know :-). Also tomorrow is hospital day with Mum (she's fine just a consultant thingy) and then maybe London on Thurs so may not be about for a while, not sure yet.

ALL Kisses and HUGS XX

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Hug back.


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