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Is 6.7 high ???

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According to my Dr it is high, but taken in context that I have averaged 9.8 for the last 30 years it is low! My Dr was concerned until I asked him to read my previous results, all of a sudden I'm doing better!

Most doctors would say yes as they like you to be in the low 4s

Anything over 5.0 is considered high for people without diabetes. 4.0 or under is the optimum for people with diabetes.

In reality this means that most people, diabetes or not, if they are not already, should be on statins.

I have been struggling with this issue myself as I am regulary just a little over 5.0 for cholesterol - 5.2 to 5.4 and am not keen on the idea of taking tablets every day for the rest of my life whether or not they have side effects.

The risks with high cholesterol combined with diabetes are higher and advice to take statins more common. In my opinion, this makes healthy diet and regular exercise all the more important for diabetics.

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