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Was wondering if anyone has used fitbit sense or other smart watches. What is your experience and would you recommend?

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I use a Fitbit to encourage me to walk which in turns helps me keep my blood sugars low. I find it a great incentive

Are they easy to use K?

As someone not very good with technology I have managed to set it up and sync it with my phone and iPad. So I would say yes

Thanks, you've given me some confidence.X

Be aware that most of the current smart type watches require a newer cell phone to set them up. They no longer are able to be done via a computer. I'm still using a fitbit charge 2 which can be done via computer. Fitbit does not tell anyone they require a newish phone until you press them for an answer. To upgrade my fitbit was going to require a new phone at 3 times the cost of a fitbit! I sent it back for a full refund and stick with my old charge 2 until it dies.

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I’ve unfortunately lost my charge 2! And my phone (which cost £19) Could hardly be called a smart phone. So I guess i shall have to find anoher way.u

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I don't believe that my fitbit is a necessary piece of equipment for my health care. While it is nice to see the amount of exercise, sleep and seeing my heart rate, they are not an indication of what my health is doing. They are not a substitute for BP testing and I can figure how many miles or stairs I have done each day myself. What I have found is I don't need to change batteries in my watch or keep it maintained for time, which I have on my cellphone anyway. I 'm sure there will be an app out there somewhere that can measure the steps taken or distance travel for you. As I was having heart problems when I bought my fitbit, being able to record the events is the only useful data I needed. Now that is no longer an issue the necessity has gone. I continue to wear it as I have it and for no other good reason. If wearing a smart watch helps you then why not, but that is not my case.

I use a Garmin Vivoactive. It has it's own app; Garmin Connect which is on phone, tablet and computer. It syncs to there when connected by bluetooth (really easy to do) the Garmin app does all the decyphering and auto updates other apps like Strava etc. if you have any. Mine has HR monitor which is great to review.

It really depends what you like; I'd say the best thing is perhaps go onto ebay just after Christmas and find one you're interested in - most people upgrade / get gifted ones / don't want it so you can find some good bargains even used. Mine was £200 ish new but got it for £40 on ebay, the silicone strap is a bit smoother than normal but otherwise it's all as new!

Draw up a list of what you'd like; easy to view / colour display / results visible on watch / activities (my primary activity would be cycling so it needed to have that in the list near the top - most don't) / personalisation (some have different watch faces and background patterns to look really nice / weather (waterproof or showerproof - useful if going outside or swimming) / accessories (different straps or screen covers - fitbits do have some nice ones to make them look like fancy mental bracelets!)

My next one would be the OS Maps one; Ordinance Survey Watch as I like the integrated maps on display idea.