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I've just joined drink free

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I've tried being dry and did 3 years dry, but then tried moderation just a bottle of red on Friday, but that escalated to most nights, have you any tips to moderate and enjoy without excess

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Hi, and Welcome. I guess there’s a good reason you stopped drinking in the first place. I cant help anyone decrease their drinking or make suggestions to keep a persons drinking from escalating because I’m an alcoholic in recovery and alcoholics can’t do any of those things. I had to stop drinking because it was gradually destroying me and my life around me. Lots of problems. What ultimately worked for me was AA when I desperately wanted a better life. Nothing else worked until then. There are other posts here to read about people trying to control their drinking, but we never hear of long term results.

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Oldrocker8 in reply to Isinatra

I'm bipolar disorder and my medication says limit the alcohol, as it reduces the effect of the drug. Thank you for your comments and I will try dry

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Isinatra in reply to Oldrocker8

I understand the difficulties in drinking and having mental health issues. From your post, you’ve been trying dry unsuccessfully.I went to my doctor for treatment of my mental health issues and I went to AA for treatment of my problem with alcohol. Just like you’d see a specialist if you had heart problems. Sometimes we can’t get well on our own. When you are ready, you’ll see the specialist for the problem with alcohol and you wont need an appointment. Walk ins are welcome.

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if you are alcoholic, the problem is, one cannot stay stopped and also when drinking one cannot control the amount one drinks. You may want to read the chapter “more about alcoholism” from the book Alcoholics Anonymous. You may visit aa.org to access the online version of the same.

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The answer’s in your post, I’m afraid.

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SoberDrunk1 in reply to HeavyFoot

if you are an alcoholic there is no way we could enjoy and moderate drinking. I had to make a decision once I realized I am one and jumped into working the reminder of the 12 steps. What it gave me was an attitude shift. I was able to overcome the obsession. Please feel free to look up meetings around where you live. I am sure there are a few that will be close to you.

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