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Drunken walk

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I'M so lucky that after 2 strokes i can still walk,.

Even though its only for a very,very short distance.

BUT the drawback is the wandering sideways from left to right like a drunken fool.

I use a stick for balance but it does not help with the wandering.

Anyone with any advice please??

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When I was doing this my Physical therapist advised me to practice holding on to kitchen countertop and walk side to side crossing one leg over the other alternating ( in front) then walk side to side still guiding yourself with counter alternating: crossing each leg behind the other. Good to do with classical music on!

Only do this if you can safely guide yourself with the counter top. I can now do it without the guidance of the counter top but it took practice. If you aren’t able to do it safely then don’t do it! Good luck pm me if you have question. Cindy


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