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Different Strokes
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Hello, I'm cj.....bit of a newbie here, but have been on AF forum for about a month. Afflicted with long-standing challenge for a tendency to dialogue in cliches, bumper stickers, and contemporary words of wisdom, as well as Crones and Wise Men long departed.

Caveat: my next stop cruising through HU is mental health, as soon as I ferret out a 'docking spot'......an enigma, even unto myself!

The following post was initially composed for a reply to an AF member response before realizing the input was two years' old. It related to vagus nerve and mentioned how painful it was to have her hair shampooed at the hair salon.

Rather than put myself through the 'brain drain' and eye strain to revamp, it is posted as originally written.

"I don't consider myself an alarmist, but I did feel a strong urge to share: nytimes.com/1994/05/04/us/p... - "A year ago, a neurologist described five cases of serious neurological problems, including four strokes, in women aged 54 to 84 after shampoos in beauty parlors."

Google will bring up more flagrant 2016/2017 cautions, even the term 'beauty parlor strokes.'

My second stroke experience was strongly influenced by traumatized cervical muscles after cataract surgery. The initial pathway to the muscle problem, was caused by the practice of hyper-extending the neck--four times a day for six weeks--for drops applications . The stroke contributor, PAF, was not diagnosed until three months post stroke.

Even after all the hype, many shampoo bowls are still not ergonomically designed to prevent hyper-extension. If your stylist does not provide one, you may want to consider taking your own cervical cushion next visit, even if you go only on occasion. Better safe than sorry.

My haircut is now a wash 'n wear, blow 'n go, and is always shampooed with the head tilted forward. Not a favorite practice, but doable nonetheless (even at a challenging age 81 barreling towards 82, seemingly at the speed of light).


I am incredibly fortunate in that both strokes left minor complications. There is no intention to push my luck!!

Be Safe, Be Well,


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How spooky, I've just been reading on another forum about these backwards basins, surprising that some women are still unaware! Thanks for spreading the word.

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Good advice.....Should be heeded....!!!!

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Make sure its the proper medical pillows,

cheap copies could hamper any real help.

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