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Mom's speech

Hello, my mother lost her speech after a stroke and has made some recovery. She has come home and could speak again but her words were slurred but with patience you could understand her. However, this last week her speech seems more slurred and her tongue seems heavy. I am not sure why this is but am concerned as being able to communicate a bit has kept her going. Has anyone got any advice on the matter?


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I had a stroke and was told to report any kind of neurological changes/worsening of symptoms to the neurologist, just to get it checked out. That being said, I've had things worsen and they weren't anything getting worse inside (was scanned). Best to just ring her neurologist and let them know and see what they suggest. She's lucky she has you looking out for her. Wish you luck.

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Is she getting speech therapy? They are the experts.


Could she be tired and fatigued ?


Is she able to write better than talk ?


moo it will take time and tell her to keep trying to talk or she could lose her speech altogether tell her to try and read a children book a few bits at a time and not to get mad it she cant say a word right tell her to spell it out to you the say it as she would say it ok hope this helps let me know how you get on ok

kind wishes lynn


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