Different Strokes
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Went to Spain a few years back,drank coffee and more coffee,lunch 2 pints and food,fell asleep in the heat,awoke and was really tired, got in the pool deep breath swim a width underwater.Then I went freezing told my partner in a slurred voice.That night mouth dropped slightly but ok in morning,went to clinic they said dehydration as I was on water tablets so I had to drink isotonic which helped but it was like my batteries kept going low and I was slurring again,went to hospital in Spain they said it was the very high and low temperature when I got inthe pool

2 months later in England MRI said I'd had Tia could it have been dehydration


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It sounds a bit like heat stroke.


Thanks John Boy I often wonder if I'm taking warfarin and don't need to as it was just one incident 9 years back


That's something for your EP to advise. An EP advised me that I didn't need an anticoagulant; 18 months later I had a full stroke that has left me partially sighted.

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Have they checked your carotid arteries?


Yes all good, ultra sound heart,

Checked Aorta,I had brain scan in Spain but on my return they did MRI and they found I'd had an incident,do they call them pops or something?

But I have had atrial fibrillation which has been sorted and I suppose could have caused it


Ah ok. Its just that the Doppler ultrasound and scans were missed from carotid artery.

Had to have a private c t a scan...


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