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Four years ago my hubby had a TIA apparently ! He has lost his driving licence as he has been left with 1/4 of sight in one eye and 3/4 in the other eye. We are now having to pay for an MRI to confirm that it was a stroke as he has been totally fobbed off! Somebody said that usually a TIA doesn't leave permanent damage such as his eye problems ? Does anybody know any different ?

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I would say as a complete amateur it sounds like a stroke to me tia mean transient ischlemic attack which by definition is transient and leaves no lasting damage.my husband lost his right peripheral vision which is how the drs knew it was a stroke at first they thought it was a very severe migraine! Hope this helps xx


Thankyou so much. The doctors have been fab but the consultant wouldn't commit until the mri ! Just waiting for results now. Think they try to wriggle out of things, especially insurance.! Thanks for the reply, Take care. x


He may have had a full stroke. The current UK requirement is 120 degrees vision with 50 degrees to left and right. The test is done with both eyes open. I have 50% vision in each on the left hand side and I've had my group 1 licence revoked. In exceptional circumstances - I don't know what they are - you can apply for consideration for relicensing. It sounds as though the stroke occurred towards the rear of the brain. An MRI would show more detail but at admission to A&E they are more likely to do a CT scan. If your husband had a stroke rather than a TIA, he is likely to been thrombolysed at the time.

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