Mind the gap-using private physios

I have just entered the gap between physio support from the community stroke service and my assessment at the assessment and rehab centre in Sheffield.

At this stage I have no idea of the level and quality of further rehab support I will eventually receive and I am very concerned about failing to make the process progress that I potentially could.

I am interested to hear from any members who have experience of engaging their own Private neurosis of physiotherapists at this stage. Online searches seem to produce reference arni trainers as promoted by TomBalchin. It's really hard to assess whether this is a rather evangelical way of making money from people's hopes or, whether it is in fact the answer to my prayers. I would be really interested to hear anyone's experiences of this or similar services. Thanks for your help.

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  • Well lucky you to get any help at all, lots of us are left to our own devices, talk to your GP and get a physio referral.

  • Hi franny7 have only had the community stroke nurse help for a few days and now I get nothing don't know where I'm supposed to go now I think I will be asking go like the gentleman said, I think there still wandering where to send me as had Meningjitis pnuemoccial ,a stroke and a brain absess, but to be fair I'm getting there just plodding along I'm not going to get stressed over it I've decided life's too short. I had my illness on 16 May and am 55 take care

  • Hi Franny

    My husband was not happy with waiting to hear from NHS physio refferal as we were told it could be weeks? So we went to a private physio and she specialised in neuro and spinal. She was great and very knowledgable and so helped my rehab a great deal! It was money well spent and after seeing her 4 times it was great to see my improvement. The community physio did contact me after a weeks discharge as it turned out. They were both very different in their approach to my affected side and very different in how they treated me. I benefitted from both but only saw community physio twice.

    I wish you well and say you are worth investing in and deserve the best chance you can get!


  • thanks for your support and encouragement- it is appreciated