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Does it fall under hidden disabilities category?

Hi. My friend had stroke years ago ended with anomia, dysphasia, paraphasia and conductive aphasia. He still have limping when walking fast, but not to the way that prevents him from driving or doing any daily activities. The only big problem is his conductive aphasia, it gets worse under unusual stress. The issue with that is sometimes he cannot control his nerves under worries and loses the ability to speak coherently. His handwriting is slightly good but get worse under pressure. I wonder if his disability falls under the hidden disability? He faces difficulties when trying to reply or respond to people as he takes longer time to reply that the listener thinks that he is not focusing or out of the subject, but the fact is that if his anomia and the paraphasia preventing him from giving straightforward answers which put him under misunderstanding by the others. I don't know how to explain this to people but by saying he had stroke. Due to this, as it doesn't show straightaway that he is disabled, does is fall under hidden disability category? And what kind of help I can offer him? He is very clever, intelligent and talented when he talks about his favourite subject "biology" and he gives amazing approaches when delivering the information he has great knowledge; but this disability is making his life difficult from the people around him. I don't know what to do to help him?

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Hi#ghadia The BIG BIG thing you can do for him is to be there for him remembering the mark one version of him and help him along the path towards the mark two version who will be easier to love in time, just now even he doesn't know who this new person is, or can and will be and he has to adjust to where fate has brought him, and it does really sound as if you're already doing that for him. there are a lot of people out there who give up on their friends and even"until death us do part"partners. I don't have half the problems he has 'though I saw a coffee mug emblazoned with the words "grumpy old Git"andpromptly bought it for myself, largely so that others would understand that I am aware that I can indeed be a bit grumpyand we can all smile at it (that only works because I bought it for myself). Isometimes struggle living alone as my wife died shortly before the stroke. as a friend texted me recently "stay strong, there is no other way"(Thank you Caroline) we all have crap days and better days, so savour those better days with the friend you so clearly love dearly My very best wishes to you both.

Grumpy old Git, Greg xxx

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