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Saying hi, and asking for yourexperiences

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. My husband had a stroke 9 weeks ago and was paralysed on his right side. He has done wonderfully well, and is walking with the aid of a stick and leg splint, but his arm is still not working and he isn't speaking properly. He says odd words like yes, no, bye and sometimes a random word - which we are not sure actually is a word or we just hear it as a word. I know it's early days yet, but does anyone have any encouraging experiences from a similar stroke story please

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As you know, 9 weeks is very early and it sounds like he's dong well. This is a journey fo you both and, in my experience, those small improvements will start to happen daily and each should be celebrated. it just takes time and your support - it can be a frightening place to be for him - confusing and frustrating. At 7 months i have learned to live with a weakened left arm/hand and my speech only goes wonky late at night when tired. It jut needs time.

Hope that helps, and best wishes to you both,



Hi dear

Don't worry difficult times come but the good think of time is that it passes just keeps hope for good time he will be fine

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I had my Stroke in 1998 at the age off 32.

Sorry but I bet you have already been told that it is "early days"

It sounds like he is doing really well,

I was in Spain when I had my Stroke, we were told all negative things. I managed to knock them all on the head.

My recovery started very fast, all off the negative vibes spured me on. Determination made a big difference in my ongoing recovery.

I was discharged home with no care package, so I found my local "Headway" This transformed my recovery big time.

Following my rehabilitation at a local rehabilitation centre, I was able too return to full time employment.

I had to get another job as my previous job was to far for me to travel too. It was also very stressful as I was in management.

I also returned to driving, all off these were thought impossible from day one. With my desire to return to as much as possible a real life.

Things continued to improve slowly but surely as the months/years went past. Yes I'm still improving even after a few hicups & I'm still having more treatment but "I will be back"


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