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My legs pain with throbbing,pulling, crawling, creeping

Hi all, I'm back.

I have been on PD for 14 months, in April this year My red blood cells and blood pressure were suddenly became low but at that time doctor didn't find internal bleeding or anything else. So recommended to Colonoscopy and Enders copy later.Before the preceding gave me IV antibiotic to prevent peritonitis, unlikely that night my abnormal is very pain next day ER and admitted as well. 14 days in IV antibiotics treatment and infection was clear but antibiotics had very serious alleged and Now I have both legs very pain with throbbing, pulling, crawling some times electric shocks. It's getting worse night and can not sleep at all. Day time ok. I used hot or cool pages, massage, walk so no.. but it not working at all. Please any advice.

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Hi Chungdak,

Seems like you are having a difficult time.

Surprised that you were given antibiotics to prevent peritonitis as the hospital would normally check you exchange bad and blood test ( I had peritonitis 7 times so I understand a little about it)

As soon as I started CAPD I had pains in my knees and calfs, still do 20 months later and it is painful to walk T times, improves as I walk more. Not yet able to find a cause yet but persevere with a physiology at the moment.

CAPD has worked for me but have just this week started heamo due to to many peritonitis infections.

Persevere with a positive outlook and I am sure you will improve. Important to talk with you pd team about any problems.

Best wishes



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