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Why neck pain after dialysis treatments?

My friend has been on hemodialysis for about 6 months now, 3 times per week. He has begun to experience severe neck pain that is like muscle cramping usually about 5 to 20 minutes after his dialysis treatments. The pain and cramping are worse while standing or walking, and is somewhat relieved by sitting down or lying down.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Have any information regarding this condition and side effect of HD?

His clinic uses Renalin during the procedure.

Thanks so much!

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nhs.uk/Conditions/Dialysis/... I have copied at pasted this website (the NHS website). Make sure to read all of it to see if there is info for you. Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope he gets better.


I have the same problem when my blood pressure is high, which in turn is usually caused by being overloaded with fluid, so it usually passes when I find the right dry weight.

That said, dialysis just does continually offer up these types of challenge - cramp, nausea, dizzyness, itching, fatigue. Many of these you acclimatise to in time - I would say it took me a year to really get used to dialysing and stop finding it a regular ordeal. All the best to your friend, and it does get easier.


He can get some muscle relief cream and maybe he should get a pillow for his neck


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