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I have nightly peritoneal dialysis. I experience profuse night sweats nightly. Does anyone else have this problem?


I think the dialysis fluid infused aggravates the body core temperature and this is further exacerbated by heat from the covers causing horrific night sweats. Please help if you can. None of my medical team know anything about it. There are stories on the net from the US of night sweats and peritoneal night time dialysis.

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I've had this problem and looked into it and found out that people with end stage renal failure have problems controlling their body temperature so the warmth from the covers and the PD fluid will make the body warmer than it's used to so sweating is the only way the body automatically turns the temp down ! If you splash water on your face and go outside it will feel cooler than without water on and that's how the sweating works ! And plus it's getting rid of fluid for you . It's not very nice waking up in a pool of sweat but don't worry it will pass ! Are you on a fluid restriction and do you stick to it ? Are you diabetic as well ? If you are these are linked to the sweating ! I sweat terrible when I eat and I'm diabetic so the doctor gave me 0.25mcgm of clonadine twice a day as the side effect of these tablets stop you sweating ! and I rarely get the sweating episodes now ! Hope this helps :)

Thank you. Your information is most helpful. The symptom has been most disturbing. I am not diabetic but do have a 1 litre fluid limit. I will ask for clones fine next time I am at clinic to see the dr. If you have any further advice I would be interested in it. I am UK based. 13th April 2014.

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