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Introduction to Tai Chi

We think of kicks, punches, fights, defense when we think of Martial Arts or movies based on Martial Arts. We can’t imagine or visualise slow, rhythmic and meditative body movements designed to enhance relaxation, inner peace and calm. This type of Martial Art is called ‘Tai Chi’.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise, originated in China, now popular all over the world, often being performed in public parks in the fresh morning air.

Tai Chi movements gently tone and strengthen the organs and muscles, improve blood circulation, posture and relax both mind and body.

Translation of Tai Chi is “Supreme Ultimate Fist”. However, appropriately it can be called as “Strength within softness”, “Meditation in Motion”, and “Moving Harmony”, which express the spirit of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is described as a system of Health, Medicine, Physical Co-Ordination, Relaxation, Self-defense and Consciousness-raising, as well as a means of exercise and self-development.

The hard Martial Arts, which rely on the force and speed, whereas Tai Chi is “Soft” or “Internal”. Its emphasis lies in yielding aspect of nature overcoming the hard - like the waterfall, which eventually wears away the rock beneath. It teaches patience and relaxation. It also gives an understanding of the co-ordination of mind, body and spirit. It is the perfect solution, to the stresses and strains of today’s modern lifestyles.

People of all ages, conditions and abilities can benefit from Tai Chi. No special equipment or clothing is needed and once learned, it is with us for rest of our life. Just a little regular practice is all that is needed.

Remember how our body felt when we were small children, loose, supple, free, and full of vitality. As we get older, life’s difficulties and our reaction to them add tension, resulting in stiffness, stress, sickness and fatigue. Tai Chi reconnects your mind and body, helps to relax your joints and muscles, releases tension and gives you a sense of awareness and movement within your environment. It increases your understanding of your own and other people’s energies.

When you begin to practice Tai Chi, you will discover how it can improve your sense of balance, your self confidence, general fitness and help to boost your resistance to common illness.

In time you will be able to use Tai Chi to control stress, relax more and to locate “inner peace”.

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. You can gain something from practicing these wonderful, graceful movements. Tai Chi can be enjoyed by the able bodied and the disabled and even to a certain extent, while seated.

No one is barred entry to the world of Tai Chi. One thing you will need a degree of dedication, since it takes a while to learn the whole sequence of movements and to feel comfortable doing them.

to be contd....

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Write from where once can learn , how one can learn , what is the medium of Learning,

is any centre is there in India to teach this , or are you having any CD to guide for taking up such exercise . Write the cost of the CD or any media , you prefer beneficial for Diabatic Patient .

As you know , exercise is always recommended , your elaborate discussion , will give us guidance . I am interested - please guide me how this can be done , and from I where I will get the training of this exercise.


Karan (Pravakar)



There are training centers available in all major cities in India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore. However, the form and style of Tai Chi, suitable to any individual can be decided by that person only. You can get such information on net by logging into local search engines such as JustDial.com

Based on your location, you can select one of them.

I am explaning the process of such search and other international resources in my next blog...


Simple meditation can help you in overcome so many ailments ..brahma kumaris are giving the training free of cost at there centers located in most of the cities.the course for 7days for 1hour every day.try it.


Yes, meditation of any form is useful to keep stress under control. Brahma Kumaris are doing great service to society by offering courses for Rajayog meditation through their centers all over. However, with over 40000+ thoughts in a day, positive or negative, an individual needs regular follow up to keep it going. If one can practice it, without any assistance or dependancy on external resources, at any place, time and at will, it will do wonders.


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