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Stem Cell Advancement to Treat Diabetes

Health blog Quantum Day recently published a post by Jonathan Vizcarra on latest treatment methods are being suggested by the experts to control diabetes. Diabetes is affecting both old, young people abnormally, and these experts looking for further alternatives to treat diabetes. A research team suggested that following cell advancement method is an option that can be followed to treat diabetes patients. Here I will discuss what experts are talking about this treatment and how it can help preventing diabetes.

They are suggesting that this treatment method is slowly progressing where scientists are studying the process to regenerate insulin producing beta cells from the stem cells. One experience diabetes when the body does not produce insulin naturally.

Insulin is generated in pancreas that works as a part of the endocrine system. In pancreas there is a region known as islets where the beta cells are found. These cells actually are responsible for secreting and producing insulin.

Diabetes affect one when these cells stop working and stop releasing insulin at required rate. Pancreas keeps the beta cells in control. Experts found that an obese people who have more beta cells in pancreas become less prone to diabetes than one who is suffering from diabetes due to obesity.

Stem cells have special characteristic of transforming normal cell into another cell and that is why it is called a special cell. In our body, different varieties of the stem cells are found like heart cells, blood cells, brain cells, etc. The mentioned cells can divide into cells within the organ where these cells are found normally.

Along with these, in our body, we have the pluripotent stem cells that can adopt the features of any other cell and can work like it. These cells are generally called embryonic stem cells. However, there is a contradiction between the groups of experts, as some prefer calling it a moral tissue because these cells are often harvested from a living embryo.

Following advanced procedures, scientists have now been able to influence other cells to work as pluripotent. This will help scientists to generate these cells without using an embryo.

Scientists generally follow two different ways to generate the stem cells one is using embryonic cell and other is by transplanting immature cell (precursors) from the mice.

Two teams of experts, one is from the San Diego University and other working on behalf of the biotech company in San Diego ViaCyte tried to found out the differences and similarities in these two cells to utilize the cells properly for diabetes treatment.

Result of this study will be published very soon in the online journal, Cell Stem Cell.

Scientist first compared the chromatic architecture and the gene expression of both the cells and found no such difference in their functionality. One of the experts commented in this regard, “”We found that the endocrine cells retrieved from transplanted mice are remarkably similar to primary human endocrine cells.”

They didn’t find any difference between the primary functionality of these two types of the cells and the hESC one is almost indistinguishable from the human counterparts.

Further, they noticed that these cells failed in developing the necessary genes that are required to treat diabetic patients.

They have suggested that using fully functioning cells in culture dish and then transplanting these cells in human can be used as an alternative to treat diabetic patients.

I personally wish this study to be successful because many people who are suffering from diabetes can benefit with the treatment. Creating beta stem cells for diabetes treatment will be breakthrough finding.

Article source: quantumday.com

By Jonathan Vizcarra

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