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How to Deal With Your Sleep Deprivation For Better Management of Your Diabetes


Dear all,

Our many thanks to Jerry for conducting a survey/poll for understanding the sleep issues that the Diabetics are facing- you can find the poll result in the link below.

It clearly indicates that a vast majority of the respondents have some kind of sleep deprivation due to some reason or other.

However, we normally ignore this fact that 7-8 hours sound sleep is a must for a healthy living. Research indicates inadequate sleep could lead to many health issues including the following 3 main issues:

(1) Your body immunity could reduce and you may become prone to Virus attack or viral infection..

(2) Inadequate sleep could further aggravates your blood sugar level... You may have difficulties in maintaining your blood sugar level..

There is also a research which indicates if adequate sleep of 7-8 hours is ensured, the blood sugar level also is also well maintained.

(3) During Daytime , We feel lethargic with low energy level...

Therefore , it ts very much essential that we identify specific reason for our sleep Deprivation, don't hesitate to consult your physician and take an appropriate treatment.. the modern science has a treatment for every sleep disorder...whether it is a primary Insomnia, sleep apnea, RLS or Peripheral neuropathy or even stress and anxiety...the physician may also evaluate if you are undergoing some kind of temporary depression which you may or may not be even aware...

Here , I am attaching few articles on sleeplessness and it's ill effects on health (please refer 1st & 2nd links).The last article discusses a recommended treatment plan against each kind of sleep disorder which your physician may prescribe for you after examining you thoroughly.....

Also you may like to share your experience with sleeplessness, how you dealt with it so that many other members could get benefitted.

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