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Peanut butter

Is Sundrop peanut butter good for a diabetic with following ingredients?

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Pros: It is Good for its protein content of 8 gm per 30 gm peanut butter. But as a Protein source , I would prefer Greek yogurt, paneer & Egg which will have a better Amino acid profile.


1. It has added sugar of 3 gm per 30 gm peanut butter in addition to 6 gm carbohydrates.

2. PUFA is inflammatory. It has no ALA i.e Alphalinolenic acid . SFA is low, though MUFA is high. Overall Lipid profile of peanut is not that good.

3. It has added salt. I.e sodium and if one has blood pressure. Salt to be limited.


To be avoided or can be taken once a while in limited quantities if you want to add variety to your dish .


Hi Namaha,

Thanks for this excellent detailed reply. How about having boiled peanuts with a little bit of salt on a daily basis?



Ok. I also wanted to know about sugar contents. How about home made peanut butter? Eggs again have cholesterol which may be harmful for a diabetic. Without yolk one may lose many rich ingredients.


Dietary cholesterol is no longer considered a risk factor.


Yes. The cholesterol in eggs is considered to be not harmful. However, Mayo clinic has given a mayoclinic.org/diseases-con... assessment of the same.


Agree with Praveen55.

Cholesterol is no longer considered as an issue.

With eggs what I found is that it increased both my HDL and LDL which naturally led to increase in total cholesterol. I was very much concerned about my increased LDL, while I felt no happy for my increased HDL which went up from 45 to 62. 😀Nowadays Apollo hospital in India have increased the minimum limit of HDL to 60!

Anyway , the modern studies have indicated that you need not worry for increased LDL/ total cholesterol. Your body needs cholesterol for a number of functions including manufacture of biles. They carry imp nutrients . Even if you don't eat cholesterol, your liver will keep making cholesterol as the body needs and responsible for 80% cholesterol making. It is foolishness to take a statin to reduce cholesterol unless your body by default making too much cholesterol.

But even if you have high cholesterol, you take flax seeds which has plant omega 3 i.e ALA which could lower your LDL.

What you should really be worried is about Triglyceride and HDL and the ratio. If you are on a LCHF diet /Strict Keto, it is less likely that you will have triglyceride, as one triglyceride consists of one Glucose and there fatty acid molecule. If there is no glucose , there is no question of triglyceride even if fatty acids are available, Provided that you are on a hypo calories diet.

Now coming to egg, it appears many people have reversed their type 2 diabetes with Egg, cheese, butter, coconut , select nuts and seeds, EVOO, meat, non starch vegetables and leafy vegetables and fruits like Avocado, kiwi, plum, berries in limited quantity.

Egg protein is gold standard with the complete Amino acids profile with correct proportion and the yolk has Vitamin D, Retinol, Choline, Se and many other essential vitamins and minerals. Look for free range eggs - non fertilised.

Nowadays if you are living in A class cities you get omega 3 eggs where hens are fed with flax seed. And the hen is able to convert some ALA in to long chain EPA / DHA which has got anti inflammatory property. ( Proven science) . But unfortunately the conversion of ALA into EPA- DHA in human body is extremely poor. That is why ADA recommends everybody should eat deep sea fish such as Salmon, Tuna, Anchovies, Mackrel and the wild ones are better. Today the top selling supplement in USA is Fish oil/ krill oil. Omega 3 EPA / DHA is known to reduce Triglyceride and Protect heart.

Coming to Pea nut nutrition, though it appears good due to its protein content and many other micros , but the omega 6: omega 3 ratio is poor. And the protein is not complete with all essential Amino's.

Perhaps Almonds is a better choice due to its low omega 6 Pufa and higher MUFA when compared with pea nut. It's fatty acid profile is as good as olive oil with added advantage of protein, Mg, Zn , Cu and many other micro nutrients .

Disclaimer :

I am not in medical proffession, though I am doing post graduate course on Nutrition. Whatever I have learnt is from my personal experience. However , human body is different from person to person and at times it reacts differently to different food and diet under different metabolic state. Please consult your treating physician and Nutritionists before undertaking any drastic diet modification. So that your vital parameters can be monitored. You need to find out what best suits you!


U can have sugar free peanut butter


Could you please suggest the brands?


Too much of carbs per 100 grams


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