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Pure Natural Forskolin - another FAKE?

I received in my junk email an ad for this weight-loss product. The links take you to their sales website in super quick time and you can order it in India through a credit card. I am sure this is just another fraud but would like to check with others. Has anyone tried out this product or have you received similar emails plugging it? Thanks.

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Hi Hidden,

Did you ask for the information to be sent to you by e-mail? If not, don't open the message and delete it. It can be a scam/virus.

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Just junk the junk mails! 😃 on a serious note, its best to leave such mails unopened, may contain virus.

No weight loss can be achieved by taking some medicine/extract etc. Or else eveyone would be slim n fit!

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I received this email cleverly disguised as from Google "Automation Service Reporting" with a link to "Read 2 messages" which took me to the scam website slim-diet.world which carried the ad again in the guise of a news story titled FOX NEWS TO FIRE MEGYN KELLY AFTER CONTROVERSIAL DRUG DISCOVERY, the drug in question being Pure Natural Forskolin. There was no mention of ayurveda. I am amazed at the level of scamming using the internet!


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