Fluttering sensation in liver

Hi all, I am experiencing fluttering sensation in my liver from quite a long time. Although it is not painful but I want to know why it happens. Also sometimes when I exhale deeply, It seems my liver shrinks resulting into severel pain, then I inhale deeply and it goes away. What can be the reason behind this. Kindly share knowledge, anup g and other members please.

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  • Call a doctor to find out what it is; the liver doesn't feel pain.

  • sure

    thanks for comment

  • Also added: Liver parameters eg sgot,sgpt are in normal range.

  • @+ralh,

    it is normal, many people experience this. pls do pranayama exercise to tone up liver, and take live -52,u will b ok.

  • Dear Kirubagaran, thanks for reply,I will take liv52.

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