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High Fat DASH diet. A variation that many do not know. DASH - A Respected Diet by all cardiologists


High FAT DASH diet works well for hypertensives. 

Better control of BP with improved Lipids. 

For those not knowing what is DASH - Its Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension a highly reputed recommendations which many cardiologists recommend. 

Next time you visit a Dr pl ask him about DASH diet and see the respect with which a Dr speaks about. 

But almost all Drs do not know about about this variation of High Fat DASH diet. 

The probable reason is that this diet could eliminate many medicines and hence vested interests would prevent it from getting popular. 

Please google out HF dash diet. 

Take a print and show it to your Dr. 

He may get enlightened and you will be benefited.  

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