Enjoy New Year With One Touch Glucometer @ Rs.999

Enjoy New Year With One Touch Glucometer @ Rs.999

Introducing the One Touch Select Simple, a blood glucose monitor with new features and benefits that make tracking your blood sugar easier and faster. With color and audio alerts, you are alerted when your blood sugar levels are low, high or very high*. With its icon-driven interface and no coding, setup or buttons, all you need to do is insert the strip to start, apply the blood, and results can be obtained in a matter of seconds.


• No-coding technology

• Helps in easy daily monitoring of blood glucose levels

For more info on One Touch Glucometer, please visit: healthgenie.in/diabetes/tes...


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8 Replies

  • already available in the medical stores for Rs 800.

  • Rs 900 is the New Year market price, for hidden attractive offer and discount please visit: healthgenie.in/diabetes or dial the 24hour customer service no. 011-48323232

  • Instead of getting one touch select simple u can get gluco meter introduced by applo hospital @995( machine cost) and the strip cost Rs.15 and it is available in 25, s pack and also they are giving discount for the machine, when you purchase medicines for more than Rs.500.00 they giving 35% dicount on the gluco meter and the reading are accurate and in the market all the people are using the same technology

  • This is the listed price in our website. But you can get attractive discount on the listed price by online purchase, which is best as compared to market price. Please visit healthgenie.in/diabetes to know it better.

  • Recurring cost seems to be lower than One Touch Horizon which strips cost 25 per strip. How much difference in reading in comparison to lab in Accu-Check. I have noticed One Touch gives reading -10/15 in comparison to lab.

  • Dear, You can find all the branded strips at affordable prices at our online shop. Please visit: healthgenie.in/diabetes

  • Yes Medfree, You are true, Accu chek is the best one. You can also get the same strips with low prices at healthgenie.in. Visit healthgenie.in/accu-chek-se... to know more about it. Here the listed price is Rs.1225 of 100 strips and you can get additional discount on online purchase.

  • Hi medfree, sometime the sites are not updating the products status. So before online purchase, it would be nice to do ask the latest offer. But up-to some how you are true.

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